This Hospital Wins Christmas By Sending Newborns Home In Christmas Stockings For Over 50 Years Now

If you think Christmas is the best time of the year with everything being jolly and bright, first let me put in my two cents and say I totally agree with you, secondly, let’s have a story here that would brighten everything up even more. Probably we all know the Christmas stocking tradition and maybe even own one or two of them. What could be cuter than filling them up with little prezzies that will cheer up your loved ones and digging up some treasures from your own. Well, apparently someone in this Texas hospital figured there could be nothing cuter than a newborn in a stocking and has been putting December babies in them every year for as long as over five decades now and, let’s admit, it is one of the cutest things ever!

The Methodist Children’s Hospital in Texas has been sending newborns home in Christmas stockings for over five decades

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Image credits: Methodist Children’s Hospital

The stockings are made by a volunteer group called the Bluebirds of Methodist Hospital

Image credits: Methodist Children’s Hospital

Someone from the Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, Texas, came up with the cutest Christmas idea of putting newborn babies in Christmas stockings and they have had this tradition for over fifty years now. To add that extra touch of cuteness, they even give the little ones tiny Christmas hats to finish up the look. Both the stockings and the hats are made by their own volunteer group known as the Bluebirds of Methodist Hospital. We must say that’s not the only good deed carried out by the group. They do a great deal of good and help both the staff and the patients all year round.

Seeing their great example, some other hospitals adopted the tradition as well

Image credits: Methodist Children’s Hospital

Mount Auburn Hospital had their 12th annual Christmas baby stocking event this year

Image credits: Methodist Children’s Hospital

Even though it brings joy for most of us that have a chance to see this, people who are most overjoyed by traditions like this, of course, are the new parents. Some of them cherish the stockings that their babies came in so much, they keep it for decades and fill them up with little somethings for the child every year. Janie De Lare, who was born on Christmas day as well, said her baby came home in such a stocking 18 years ago on Christmas Eve.

Most of the new parents are really excited about the traditions and even keep the stockings to fill up for their child every year

Image credits: Methodist Children’s Hospital

People were stoked about this idea and apparently, a lot of them were a part of it as well

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